Teacher- directed learning is offered using online learning and teaching resources and tools in grades 1-12. Teacher-directed learning follows the Alberta Program of Studies in all subject areas.

This choice is best for students who wish to learn from home in a program where a certificated teacher:

  • develops the instructional path,
  • delivers the learning opportunities,
  • coaches and assesses the student.

Parents must be highly engaged partners in this learning path.

Delivery Options 

  • Elementary (Grades 1-6)
         - Learn Online
  • Junior High (Grades 7-9)
         - Live Online
  • High School (Grades 10-12)
         - LearnNet


Teacher-Directed Learning Embraces Learning Partnerships

Education in the Learning Partnership is truly a collaborative effort between the home and the school, combining the strengths of parent-student, student-teacher, and parent-teacher interaction. The degree to which parents are engaged in learning partnerships varies with:

  • the age of the student
  • the learning needs
  • the grade level

How do we distribute the learning partnership reponsibilities?

Teacher Directed Program Agreement

In order to ensure that all of our students are set up for success in their individual programs, we ask all of our families to come to an understanding of the attributes necessary to be a successful student at Argyll. 

As an Argyll Student, my responsibilities are to:

  • communicate with teachers in all subject areas on a regular basis
  • attend scheduled online sessions regularly
  • set up a work schedule that reflects the time (daily and weekly) committed to academic studies and present this schedule to parents and teachers
  • promptly respond to email and phone calls from Argyll Centre
  • ask for help from teachers when you need it
  • use the Argyll Answer Network online when you have questions
  • communicate with Argyll Centre's Help Desk if there are technology questions or concerns
  • complete assigned work, follow teacher directions and meet deadlines
  • return resources upon completion of your courses
  • access SchoolZone regularly to view school information, course marks and progress reports
  • write final exams in all core subjects

As an Argyll Parent, my responsibilities are to:

  • supervise at-home learning and support the learning process
  • communicate with teacher(s) and other members of Argyll Centre
  • provide a personal email address at the time of registration
  • promptly respond to email and phone calls from Argyll Centre
  • access SchoolZone regularly to view school information, course marks and progress reports
  • assume responsibility for all materials and resources issued
  • cover the costs of mailing or transporting resources and text books
  • ensure resources are returned

Argyll Centre Staff are responsible to:

  • deliver, monitor and evaluate your course work that meets the requirements of the Alberta Program of Studies
  • maintain communication with you and your parents through email, phone, online sessions or in person
  • communicate your progress and achievement through progress reports, email, SchoolZone and/or by phone
  • be accessible and available to you and your parents, by appointment, for advice and assistance
  • respond to all work submitted in a timely fashion
  • respond to all phone and email messages within one working day of receiving them
  • provide you and your parents with meaningful feedback
  • help you to prepare for final and provincial diploma examinations
  • create opportunities for you to enhance your learning
  • post interim marks and progress reports to SchoolZone regularly for you and your parents to access
  • inform you and your parents of school events and other news
  • accommodate the educational needs and pursuits of students identified as having special needs


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