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High School

Teacher- Directed learning at the high school level is offered using online learning and teaching resources and tools in grades 10-12. Instruction follows the  Alberta Program of Studies.

This choice is best for students who wish to learn from home in a program where a certificated teacher:

  • develops the instructional path,
  • delivers the learning opportunities,
  • coaches and assesses the student.

Teacher- Directed learning at the high school level

Online Programming at Argyll 2020/2021


Argyll Centre is an Edmonton Public School (EPSB) that offers online instruction.


If you are interested in registering at Argyll Centre for online instruction, please read the following information that will help you with our processes.


  1. Register at a community EPSB school
  2. Indicate to the principal that you would like online instruction through Argyll Centre
  3. Your child’s principal will contact us
  4. We will design a program for your child in collaboration with your community school
  5. We will register your child concurrently (they have a registration at the community school AND at Argyll Centre)


Please note: All registrations to receive online instruction from Argyll will ONLY take place in late August. This is due to the situation with COVID-19 as we await direction from the Chief Medical Officer and Alberta Education.


4th & 5th Year Registration: 4th & 5th year students interested in online programming, please contact Argyll in late August to register.


 If you have any questions please call 780-465-1299


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