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  • Important Dates

    High School Quarterly Schedule Q1 Q2Q3Q4
    First day of classes Sep 2  Nov 16 Feb 1 Apr 13
    Last day of classes Nov 9  Jan 28 Apr 12 Jun 28
    2021-2022 High School Quarterly Course Schedule
    Division Calendar        
    2021-22 Division Calendar        
  • Registration

    Upgrading - 4th and 5th Year Students
    Argyll is only able to offer upgrading programming to students (4th and 5th year) who were registered with Edmonton Public School Division (last school year). We are not able to offer programming to students who were with a different division in the previous school year.
    If you are interested in completing courses at Argyll Centre through our Online program for UPGRADING (this is referred to as fourth and fifth year studies) you must fill out this form. Again you are only to register with Argyll if you were enrolled with Edmonton Public School Division in the previous school year.

    You will have the option of choosing your schedule for completing your courses. You are able to sign up for a maximum of two classes to begin. You will be working with a teacher and have the option to work at your own pace.



    Registration for all other programs are closed for the 2021-2022 School Year.

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