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  • Click image above to open the Supplemental Funding Guidelines Process Document.

    Click image above to open the Supplemental Funding Guidelines Process Document.

Parent Directed Home Education

Parent Directed Home Education programming (Grades 1-12) adheres to the provincial Home Education Regulation. Parents have maximum input into their children's program designs. This program allows the most flexibility in terms of the educational focus for the school year - including resource selection, instructional methods and forms of assessment. The parent takes on the sole responsibility in teaching their child/children, with Argyll teacher facilitators providing support with program planning, resource selection, instructional approaches and methods of evaluation.

To register for Argyll’s parent-directed program, parents will need to:

  • complete the registration process on the registration page
  • submit a Home Education Declaration Form to argyll.student.records@epsb.ca
  • submit a Home Education Plan (HEP) that meets the Home Education Regulation requirements
  • submit a mid and a year end written summary of the child’s progress toward the learning outcomes identified in the home education plan
  • provide dated samples of the child’s learning in all of the subject areas identified in the home education plan (minimum of 4 core subjects)
  • attend student progress review meetings with the child twice yearly with the Argyll teacher facilitator

The current process to obtain a High School Diploma at Argyll Centre in our Parent Directed Home Education Program, students will complete assessments in order to demonstrate the student achieves the course standards and learning outcomes set out in the Programs of Study in order to obtain a school-awarded mark. *Note: this is currently under review through ongoing consultation with the Parent Council and Argyll administration.

NOTE: Registration for this program closed on September 29, 2021.

Parent Directed News

Hello Wonderful Home Education Families!

First of all, we would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new home education families that have joined Argyll Centre. Our community is enriched by you taking the leap into the world of home education and joining us.

We have exciting announcements for all of you! Argyll Centre has merged with Metro Continuing Education and that means that we have more opportunities to offer in terms of support for all home education families! We are committed to continuing the work of creating a welcoming and vibrant home education community and being responsive to the needs you see arising as we navigate education during a global pandemic together.

New Opportunities with Argyll Centre and Metro

We are delighted to announce that as part of our merger with Metro Continuing Education we will have access to an all star team of inquiry-based creative educators and the Bennett Centre facility! We would like to offer home education families a buffet of opportunities from pre-planned creative learning sessions (online and in person enrichment opportunities) to opportunities to co-create and curate learning offerings that best meet the needs of your family. In being responsive to feedback we received from our Social Innovation Lab process we will also be offering mentorship and learning opportunities for parents. We have also started a home education family council! If you would like to join, please RSVP to julia.dalman@epsb.ca.

Complete this form to sign up & co-create enrichment opportunities

Enrichment Opportunities available at Metro

Out-of-School Programs