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Schools are now accepting new student registrations for the next school year. Parents of children who are new or returning

to Edmonton Public Schools should:

  • fill out the new student registration form 
  • upload supporting documents that prove your child's legal name and birthdate, home address and citizenship.
  • sign and submit the completed student registraton form.

Visit the new student registration page on epsb.ca to learn more.


High School Upgrading Registration 2020-2021

Registrations for High School Upgrading -  4th and 5th year students

Thank you for your interest in continuing your education with Argyll Centre for 4th and 5th year programming. 

Please fill out this 4th and 5th year form in order to input and submit your course request (maximum of two courses per semester. We are accepting registrations for semester 2 and quarter 3 at this time. 

Once your prerequisites have been confirmed you will be contacted by phone or email with the steps to finish your registration.


Caraway 2021-2022

Caraway is an alternative K-9 public school program in Edmonton AB. We follow an Edmonton Public School Board schedule however how we deliver the material is what makes us different. The big ideas of the curriculum are covered in a project based model and hands-on environment in multi-age classrooms with particular attention to social emotional learning. 
Caraway focuses on developing creative risk-takers with passion and global responsibility for a rapidly changing world. 
 March 17th, 2021
6:30 p.m. via Zoom 
Details TBA via Caraway Website: